Consumer Saftey - Horse Riding Safety

The Horse Riding Safety Act establishes and enforces safety standards in commercial recreational horse riding establishments to reduce the risk of riding accidents among riders 18 years old or younger who ride horses more than 14.2 hands high.

Under the act, owners of horse riding establishments cannot allow riders under the age of 18 to ride a horse unless the rider is protected by certain safety equipment, including:

Owners must make the required equipment available at a reasonable cost to customers. Breaching the act could result in a fine of up to $5,000.

An amendment to the Highway Traffic Act also makes it an offence for riders under the age of 18 to be on a highway unless wearing or protected by the safety equipment established by the act.

The Horse Riding Safety Act does not apply to:

  • The business of hiring out ponies.
  • Riders participating in horse shows or competitions.
  • Non-commercial settings, e.g., the use of horses on private ranches or farms.

For more information or to make a complaint contract the Consumer Services Bureau.

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