Used Vehicle Information Package

Under law, private sellers of most motor vehicles (car, van, light truck with up to 3,000 kilograms gross weight, self-propelled motor home, motorcycle) must provide buyers with a Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP).

The UVIP contains:

  • Description of the vehicle (Vehicle Indentification Number, plate number, year, make, model, colour, body type, cylinders, power, status, brand)
  • Ontario vehicle registration history
  • Odometer information
  • Outstanding debts on the vehicle
  • Wholesale and retail values for the vehicle's model and year, if available
  • Retail sales tax requirements
  • Bill of sale
  • Tips on vehicle safety standards inspections

The Used Vehicle Information Package costs $20 and is available online from ServiceOntario. Visit the Ministry of Transportation website for more information on buying, selling or transferring used vehicles.


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