Your Rights When Dealing With Repair Shops

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You should know that you have the law behind you when you take your vehicle into a shop. Repairs to cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles and motor-assisted bicycles are all covered under Part VI of the Consumer Protection Act, 2002.

This part of the legislation applies to anyone who works on or repairs motor vehicles, e.g., motor vehicle dealerships with repair facilities, neighbourhood garages, used-car lots that repair motor vehicles and muffler shops.

What The Repair Shop Sign Must Say

Repair shops must display a sign setting out charges and repair practices. The sign must be in a conspicuous place and must state:

  • That the repairer is required to offer a written estimate unless the consumer declines and instead authorizes a maximum amount they are willing to pay.
  • That replaced parts will be returned to you if you want them.
  • How labour costs are calculated (including the hourly rate and any flat-rate charges).
  • Whether there is a charge for estimates and whether commissions are paid to mechanics.

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