Repair Estimate Scenario

Her car was making a terrible noise, so a young woman took it to a repair shop on her way home from work. Once inside, she noticed there was no sign indicating the rate for estimates.

Mechanic: Sounds like trouble. Let me take a look.
Woman: It just came up out of the blue.
Mechanic: Yup, it's your muffler. Don't worry, I can fix it for you.
Woman: How much is it going to cost me?

Since the woman had no idea what a muffler job usually costs, she agreed to the mechanic’s verbal $200 estimate. The mechanic offered to take care of it on the spot, and she happily agreed to the price. She did not receive a written estimate.

What’s wrong with this picture?
The consumer’s first clue that the repair shop was not on the up-and-up was that no sign was posted in a visible place, as required under Part VI of Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, 2002.

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