What information is posted to the Consumer Beware List and what does it mean?

The Consumer Protection Act, 2002 (CPA) and its regulations require the Ministry of Consumer Services (MCS) to publish a listing of unresolved consumer complaints as well as charges and convictions relating to the CPA or other Acts administered by MCS.

The following is an example of the information you might find on the list and what it means:

Business Details

Name Business Name
Does Business As Any aliases known to the Ministry of Consumer Services
Address Address known by the Ministry
Phone # Phone number known by the Ministry
Fax Fax number known by the Ministry
Email Email known by the Ministry
Complaints A list of complaints, the Act the complaint falls under and the substance of the complaint.
Administrative Actions / Orders If applicable: description of action taken, date the action was taken, the Act where the grounds for action can be found, and the final result, e.g. revocation or suspension of an appointment, license or registration.
Charges Laid For each charge laid: The Act the charge falls under, a description of the charge, date the charge was laid and final disposition, including details of the sentence, if any.


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