Licences, Applications and Permits - Payday Loans

The Registrar of Payday Loans administers the licensing provisions of the Payday Loans Act, 2008.

The licensing fees are $750 per main office and $990 per branch office.



  • Notice of Appeal
    (to appeal an Order of Administrative Penalty under the Payday Loans Act)

For more information:

Phone: 416-326-8393 or 1-800-889-9768
Fax: 416-326-8406
TTY: 416-325-3408 or 1-800-268-7095

Payday Loan Consumer Education

This educational material explains how the cost of taking out a payday loan over time compares to the cost of a cash advance from a credit card.  This is to help borrowers with financial planning before they get a payday loan.  Any business licenced under Ontario’s Payday Loans Act must display and provide this material to borrowers.

Remote (e.g. online) lenders and brokers must:

  • let borrowers know this material is available as soon as they contact the business
  • immediately provide it to borrowers upon request
The poster must be clearly displayed at every payday loan store in Ontario, so that it is immediately visible to borrowers when they enter the store.

Download a copy of the poster [PDF 478Kb]

The flyer-version of the poster must be provided to every borrower.

Download a copy of the flyer [PDF 201Kb]

This material has been approved by the Registrar of Payday Loans under the Payday Loans Act.

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