Administrative Authorities
Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario

The Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario enforces Ontario's VQA Act which governs the production, “Appellation of Origin” system and promotion of quality Ontario wines designated “VQA.”

Performance Measures:

The Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario has performance measures and targets that report on its efforts to achieve its mandate to maintain the integrity of local wine appellations and enforce winemaking and labelling standards.

Consumer Protection:

  • Percentage of origin claims verified through audits as truthful
  • Percentage of wines for sale with VQA label that are compliant with regulatory standards

Consumer Awareness:

  • Number of participation in VQA marketing campaigns by industry associations
  • Number information items/events provided to wineries, trade and consumers about VQA appellation

These performance measures address recommendations made in the 2009 Delegated Administrative Authority (DAA) Model Review report and the 2009 Annual Report of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario. They focus on enhancing consistency in the reporting of DAA performance information.

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